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Simple Sips

Taste With Tequila

Taste With Tequila

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A Simple Sips set for all of the tequila lovers!

These cocktail mixes pair well with your favorite tequilas! Prepare your cocktails by shaking well with ice and tequila, enjoy on the rocks. 

16 oz bottles serve 5+ drinks and 34 oz bottles serve 11+, so share away! Or not…no judgment here.

Pack includes 3 bottles:

  • Smokin' Hot: mango, passion fruit, lime, jalapeño, smoked tea | best with tequila (try it spicy!), mezcal, whiskey, or vodka
  • Berry Basic: strawberry, lime, mint, and elderflower | best with gin, tequila (try it spicy!), vodka, champagne or seltzer
  • Lei'd Back: guava, orange, lime, coconut, almond and vanilla | best with tequila, rum, or vodka

*This is a fresh product, please refrigerate within 48 hours of arrival.

*Any bottles with best by date stickers have been tested as safe and delicious for consumption through 3/14/25.

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