Rye Not Cocktail Mix
Rye Not Cocktail Mix
Rye Not Cocktail Mix
Rye Not Cocktail Mix

Rye Not Cocktail Mix

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Rye Not: This is our OG flavor, the one that started it all and keeps everyone coming back for more. The balance of tart passionfruit alongside the herbal rosemary and apple cider is exactly what our favorite whiskey has always been missing. 

We recommend trying this blend with rye whiskey, in case that wasn’t clear.

Ingredients: passionfruit puree, apple cider, rosemary, sugar

Our blends: We combine the perfect proportions of fruit purée, juice and herbal syrup to create fresh craft cocktails delivered right to your door. Every bottle makes three to four cocktails and must be kept refrigerated. We leave just enough empty space for you to add the liquor straight into the bottle. No mixing, no measuring, no hassle, it's simple.

It's Simple:
1. Fill bottle with whiskey, rye is best
2. Shake it baby
3. Serve over ice in old-fashioned glass

ps. don't forget to peel the cap sticker once filled with liquor!

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