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Pear Pressure Fresh Cocktail Mix

Pear Pressure Fresh Cocktail Mix

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This blend is our most fruit forward cocktail. The refreshing taste of pear is perfectly balanced by vanilla and lemon. You can barely taste the vodka!

It's not always a friend that pressures you into one more drink. Sometimes the cocktail is just that good.

Ingredients: pears, lemon juice, water, cane sugar, vanilla beans

Recommended liquor: vodka, gin, spicy tequila, champagne or seltzer. Find recipe inspo here!

Our blends: We combine the perfect proportions of fruit purée, juice and herbal syrup to create fresh craft cocktails delivered right to your door. Our 16oz bottles of Pear Pressure make 5+ cocktails and our 1 liter bottles make 11+. 

*This is a fresh product, please refrigerate within 48 hours of arrival.

*Any bottles with best by date stickers have been tested as safe and delicious for consumption through 3/14/25.

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