Figgin' Delish - COMING SOON!
Figgin' Delish - COMING SOON!

Figgin' Delish - COMING SOON!

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Figgin' Delish: The name says it all! Limited bottles will be made making this our most exclusive offering yet. Figs from CA and maple syrup from a local MA farm are the perfect balance with fresh lemon juice and our secret holiday spices. 

IngredientsFig puree, lemon juice, maple syrup, water, cane sugar, spices

Recommended liquor: whiskey, rum or vodka 

Our blends: We combine the perfect proportions of fruit purée, juice and herbal syrup to create fresh craft cocktails delivered right to your door. Our 16oz bottles of Figgin' Delish make 5+ cocktails, 10+ mimosas and 15+ mocktails. Our 1L bottles make over double. 

*This is a fresh refrigerated product