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Elaina's Fruity Favorites

Elaina's Fruity Favorites

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Prepare your cocktails as below to enjoy each sip just the way she does…

  • Pear Pressure is most refreshing with vodka, straight up, ice-cold, and with a splash of champagne in a coup glass.
  • Berry Basic is best with gin, extra soda water, over lots of ice, in a stemless wine glass, and always stirred with a straw.
  • Lei'd Back tastes like summer when enjoyed with rum, over lots of ice, in a tall glass, and stirred with a straw.

Each 16 oz bottle serves 5+ cocktails, so share away! Or not…no judgment here.

Pack includes 3 bottles:

  • Pear Pressure: pear, lemon and vanilla | best with gin, spicy tequila or vodka
  • Berry Basic: strawberry, lime, mint, and elderflower | best with gin, tequila or vodka
  • Lei'd Back: guava, orange, lime, coconut, almond and vanilla | best with rum, tequila, or vodka

*This is a fresh product, please refrigerate within 48 hours of arrival.

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