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Simple Sips

Cocktail or Mocktail Gift Set

Cocktail or Mocktail Gift Set

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Simple Sips Flavor
Rim Flavor
Bubbly Flavor


  1. Bottle of Simple Sips mix to enjoy as a cocktail, mocktail or mimosa
  2. Jar of Salt Trader's sugar or salt to rim your glass
  3. Bottle of Fever Tree Club Soda or Ginger Beer
  4. Simple Sips 1.75oz shot glass for measuring

Simple Sips Options

Rye Not: passion fruit, apple cider, rosemary | pair whiskey, tequila or rum
Figgin' Delish: fig, lemon, maple syrup, spices | pair rum, whiskey or vodka
Berry Basic: strawberry, lime, mint, elderflower | pair gin, tequila or vodka
Pear Pressure: pear, lemon, vanilla | pair gin, spicy tequila or vodka
Smokin' Hot: mango, passion fruit, lime, jalapeño, smoked tea | pair tequila, mezcal or vodka
Lei'd Back: guava, orange, lime, vanilla, coconut, almond | pair tequila, rum or vodka
Blue Eyed Honey: blueberry, lemon, honey, thyme | pair gin, rum or vodka

    Rimming Options

    Lemon Sugar: pair Pear Pressure or Blue Eyed Honey
    Mint Sugar: pair Berry Basic or Lei'd Back
    Holiday Spiced Sugar: pair Rye Not or Figgin' Delish
    Orange Ginger Sugar: pair Rye Not or Figgin' Delish
    Aleppo Chile Salt: pair Smokin' Hot

      Bubbly Options

      Club Soda: pair any flavor to reduce sweetness or add some bubbles
      Ginger Beer: make it a mule by adding to Rye Not, Pear Pressure, Figgin' Delish or Berry Basic. Fun recipes here. 

        *This is a fresh product, please refrigerate within 48 hours of arrival.

        *Any bottles with best by date stickers have been tested as safe and delicious for consumption through 3/14/25.

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