Blue Eyed Honey Fresh Cocktail Mix
Blue Eyed Honey Fresh Cocktail Mix
Blue Eyed Honey Fresh Cocktail Mix

Blue Eyed Honey Fresh Cocktail Mix

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Blue Eyed Honey: Say hello to our summer special! The fresh blueberry puree is slightly sweet, perfectly complimenting the lemon juice, honey and thyme. This recipe includes local Carlisle Honey bottled in Tyngsboro, MA! 

We won't lie, this mix tastes fantastic with every liquor...but we did have some favorites. Rum is the family favorite, the sweetness is an excellent pairing. Gin is their number two (Elaina's number one), highlighting the soft thyme flavor exquisitely. Lastly we all fell madly in love with anejo tequila, the warm flavor of this tequila is a wildly delicious compliment. As always, using vodka will ensure you enjoy our mix in all it's glory- no additional flavor notes added. Add seltzer to any mix to make a mocktail or control for sweetness.

Ingredients: blueberries, lemon juice, water, honey, cane sugar, thyme

Recommended liquor: rum, gin, anejo tequila, vodka, champagne or seltzer

Our blends: We combine the perfect proportions of fruit purée, juice and herbal syrup to create fresh craft cocktails delivered right to your door. Our 16oz bottles of Blue Eyed Honey make 5+ cocktails and our 34oz bottles make 11+ cocktails. 

*This is a fresh product, please refrigerate within 48 hours of arrival

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