Rye Not Celebrate
Rye Not Celebrate
Rye Not Celebrate
Rye Not Celebrate
Rye Not Celebrate

Rye Not Celebrate

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Celebrate any occasion with our locally curated Rye Not Celebrate gift box!

This box includes:

  • One 16oz bottle of Rye Not drink mix to enjoy as a cocktail, mocktail, or mimosa
  • One jar of Salt Trader's Spiced gold sugar to rim your glass
  • One bag of EATABLE's Whiskey on the pops alcohol-infused popcorn

Rye Not: The balance of tart organic passion fruit alongside the herbal rosemary and local apple cider is exactly what our favorite whiskey has always been missing. Excellent with vodka too!

  • Cocktail - Whiskey: 2.5 oz mix + 2 oz whiskey over ice (7+ drinks/bottle)
  • Cocktail - Vodka: 3 oz mix + 1 oz vodka over ice (5+ drinks/bottle)
  • Martini: 1.5 oz mix + 3 oz vodka, shake on ice, strain into glass (10+ drinks/bottle) 
  • Mimosa: 1 oz mix + 3 oz bubbly, combine in champagne flute (15+ drinks/bottle)
  • Mocktail: 3 oz mix + 1 oz seltzer, over ice (5+ drinks/bottle)

Simple Sips: We combine the perfect proportions of fresh fruit purées, fresh juices, and house-made herbal syrups to create the perfect fresh mix.  Founded by Elaina in Boston, MA. 

Salt Traders: Chef-inspired salts and sugars, excellent for the perfect cocktail glass rim. Founded by Didi in Ipswich, MA.

EATABLE: Alcohol-infused popcorn for the adventurous palate. Founded by Charlene and her husband in Boston, MA.

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